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Adapt Barrier Rings by Hollister

Adapt Barrier Rings by Hollister Medical provide a sting-free alternative to paste. These skin barrier rings gently fill in depressions and even out contours under the barrier and are ideal for individuals with sensitive skin or limited dexterity. Each one of these skin barrier rings can be stretched and molded to create custom shapes due to their thinness and flexibility or can be cut, bent and stacked together to improve the fit of the barrier.

Hollister Adapt Barrier Rings have a flat shape and a pre-sized barrier stoma opening. Each ring adheres well to the skin without tape, and use of the barrier can be prolonged in wear time when these rings are placed underneath a pouch or 2-piece barrier. Constructed from hydrocolloid, these barrier rings from Hollister Medical are recommended for home use and can also be used while swimming or bathing.

Adapt Barrier Rings Features and Benefits:

  • Provides Sting-Free Alternative to Paste
  • For Individuals with Sensitive Skin or Limited Dexterity
  • Thin and Flexible
  • Can be Stretched and Molded to Create Custom Shapes
  • Can be Cut, Bent and Stacked Together to Improve Fit
  • Flat Shape
  • Pre-Sized Stoma Opening
  • Adhere Well to Skin without Tape
  • Fill in Depressions, Even Out Contours
  • Bathing and Swimming Allowable

Adapt Barrier Ring Specifications:

Product Number: 7805, 7806

Manufacturer: Hollister

Material: Hydrocolloid

Outer Diameter: 2 Inches (7805), 4 Inches (7806)

Packaged in Boxes of 10


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