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FreeStyle Lite Test Strips

FreeStyle Lite test strips are one of the top selling diabetic test strips in the market. Some of the key factors why FreeStyle Lite are so popular are that Abbott has designed these test strips to only require 0.3 micro-liters of blood so when testing your blood glucose you don’t need to prick your finger so much that it starts to be painful or creates a callous. This is a big factor because the freestyle lite glucose test strips require the smallest amount of blood compared to any other test strip out there. Another reason why the freestyle lite diabetic test strips are so popular and trusted is due to the reliability and accuracy that it provides.

Other Freestyle Lite Test Strips Quantities:

  1. Freestyle Lite Test Strips 100ct
  2. Freestyle Lite Test Strips 200ct
  3. FreeStyle Lite Test Strips 300ct
  4. Freestyle Lite Test Strips 1200ct


FreeStyle Lite Test Strips Compatibility:

  • FreeStyle Lite Diabetic Starter Kit
  • Freestyle Lite Blood Glucose Meter
  • Freestyle Lancets
  • Freestyle Lancing Device
  • Freestyle Glucose Control Solution


New and Improved FreeStyle Lite Test Strips Benefits..

Easy to use – Patented Zip-Wik Tabs

  • The new Patented Zip-Wik tabs target blood samples for easy application and quick uptake
  • No coding required which means there’s one less step when testing

Proven accuracy

  • Greater accuracy compared to other leading brands
  • Reduces interference from 22 of the common substances

Fewer wasted test strips

  • The time to reapply blood is 60 seconds
  • Requires the absolute smallest blood sample size which is just one-third of the blood required from comparing brand

Best Expiration Date Guaranteed

FreeStyle Lite Test Strips Features:

  • No Coding is Required: This amazing feature makes it simple and more convenient to start testing..
  • Alternate Site Testing: You may test using your fingers, forearm, hand, upper arm, thigh, palm and calf. When testing for hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or if you have hypoglycemia unawareness, it’s recommended you only use your finger.
  • The World’s Smallest Sample Size: A remarkable small sample size of 0.3 micro-liters of blood is all that’s needed.
  • 5 Second Test Results: In just around 5 seconds accurate blood glucose results are available.


Why Choose Freestyle Lite Test Strips

FreeStyle Lite test strips are specially designed for fast, easy testing and are intended to be used with FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System and FreeStyle Freedom Lite Meter only. Their patented Zip-Wik tabs break the surface of the blood sample for quick absorbing action. And as an added plus, there’s absolutely no coding required. Test the level of glucose in your blood in the convenience of your own home using the Abbott FreeStyle Lite Test Strips. Each pack consists of 50 butterfly test strips that are to be used with a FreeStyle Lite or Freedom Lite System only.

If asked, most diabetics will tell you that out of a box of 50 test strips there are an average of 2-5 wasted strips with any brand of glucose test strips. There are many reasons that a test can result in an error but a few come across more often then others. One reason is due to not a large enough blood sample size being collected when drawing blood from the testing spot. These wasted strips result in a waste of money and with the prices of glucose test strips being so high each individual strip can cost a pretty penny.

These diabetic test strips give you the convenience of testing anywhere and much quicker then other test strips. No Coding Technology makes the Freestyle Lite Test Strips more accurate and less confusing. The worlds smallest sample size of just 0.3 micro-liters is all that is needed to get accurate blood glucose readings. Freestyle Lite Test Strips support Alternate Site Testing, so you can test from your fingertip, forearm, palm, upper arm, thigh, or calf.

FreeStyle Lite Test Strips Coupon

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NDC: 99073-0708-22


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