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BD VEO INSULIN SYRINGES – 31G 1/2CC 6MM (15/64″) 90/BX


BD Veo Insulin Syringes – 31G 6mm 90ct

The BD Veo insulin syringes offer the shortest BD Ultra-Fine needle, which is 53% shorter than the 12.7mm needle length. Designed with maximum comfort in mind, this syringe includes an extended barrel which allows one-handed use, easy-to-read scale markings that ensure an accurate dosage every single time, plus a wide flange for greater hand control.

Includes: 90 BD Veo Insulin Syringes – 31G 1/2cc 6mm (15/64″)

BD Veo Insulin Syringe Features:

  • Ultra-fine needle for maximum comfort
  • Wide flange to provide more secure handling and greater overall control
  • Extended barrel design allows for one-handed technique by anchoring and balancing the syringe
  • Bold, easy-to-read scale markings ensure user executes an accurate dosage
  • 1/2 cc (0.5 mL) capacity. (up to 50 units)
  • 6mm length x 31g needle
  • For use with U-100


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